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Joan Alba Maldonado's portfolio

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Joan Alba Maldonado
38 years old

Software developer & Teacher
A pioneer in JavaScript game development

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Some other things

Here I will show you other things related to me.

My retro games collection
My retro games collection

I seriously love old games and systems! I am a retrogaming and retrocomputing fan.

I own several classic computers and video game consoles as well as many old games that are stored in cartridges or even in compact cassettes.

I have got different kinds of Nintendo Game Boy, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, etc.

To my mind, classic games and systems are one of the most important part of the video games' history.

You can see them online at El otro lado

My flashlights collection
My flashlights collection

I really love flashlights! I don't think I could survive without at least one torch in my keychain to carry it every day with me.

These tools are not only useful pieces of engineering but also beautiful artifacts that sometimes can be considered as jewellery.

You can see them online at EDC Mania forums

My folding knives collection
My folding knives collection

Folding knives are awesome!

You can see them online at EDC Mania forums

My EDC in 2011
My EDC in 2011

My EDC (Everyday Carry) stuff in 2011.


Some audio files

Some audio files I made as for example some MIDI files (made in 1995 or 1996), some WAV and WMA files (made in around 1998, but WMA files belong to tracks that I ripped later from a CD I had burned) using other's samples (included) and a beloved Casio VL-Tone (aka Casio VL-1) piano sometimes, including a kind of music session or DJ mix (I decided to call myself DJ Steve Pils or DJ Steve Pilz), and finally a funny message I received on my voice mailbox in 2004 which I decided to keep.

If you do not appreciate yourself and you are brave enough, you can try to listen to them. Download at your own risk only!

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