TetrisDAI – Tetris in Java (May 2008)

“TetrisDAI” is an open source Tetris clone (highly modular) written in Java 1.6 (aka Java SE 6) with NetBeans.


It is my first Java game and was made in mid 2008.

The code is extremely modular and is ready to be modified and configured pretty easily by anyone. For instance, you can change control keys, their delay, add new pieces with different shapes or change the current ones or even delete them, change the colour of the whole game (including the pieces), change game visual aspect and sizes (width and height of the cells and of the map, text aspect, margins), decide whether to use images or just simple computer-generated graphics for cells and background, decide language (game is already translated into Spanish, Catalan and English and just needs to change a variable to choose one among those languages) or add new languages easily, change menu items, change initial speed and speed increase when next level is reached, change needed lines to finish a level, modify score system (score for piece placed, score for each line and exponential score increase for multiple lines), enable or disable sound and so on.

Official language is English but the code also includes Spanish and Catalan translations (as stated before, just by changing a variable, all the game will use the desired language).

This game has been tested under Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, Haiku OS and others.

Official web site: http://tetrisdai.tuxfamily.org/ (mirror at http://www.dhtmlgames.com/tetrisdai/).

It can also be found on GitHub: https://github.com/jalbam/tetrisdai

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