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Joan Alba Maldonado
35 years old

Software developer & Teacher
A pioneer in JavaScript game development

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Upcoming projects

What am I working on?

Here I will talk about some of the projets I am currently working on.


CrossBrowdy is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows to create multimedia apps, emulators, game engines and games that will be compatible with any device.

Any software developed with CrossBrowdy should be able to be used in any JavaScript compatible web client (including browser plug-in, add-on, extension, app...) which supports "document.getElementById".

This framework allows any developer to manage easier many different things, such as audio (with Flash fallback, audio pool, etc.), canvas (with DHTML, VML, Flash or Silverlight fallbacks), screen, mouse, keyboard, gamepads, sockets (including PHP proxy fallback), XHR / AJAX (with PHP proxy for cross-domain requests) and many more.

It also includes many basic DOM element manipulations, fallbacks and polyfills as well as integration with Apache Cordova (including PhoneGap, Ionic...), desktop apps (PWA, UWP, NW.js, Atom...), video game consoles, TV sets and so on.

CrossBrowdy focuses on cross-browser (including legacy browsers) and cross-platform compatibility. The main target is to allow any app to run in any web client with or without HTML5 compatibility.

JavaScript game engine

Open source JavaScript game and multimedia engine intended to be cross-browser and cross-platform having in mind both legacy and new browsers (with HTML5) under all platforms, from desktop computers and mobile devices to consoles.

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